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Tips to Choose the Right Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System for Your Home

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems are one of the best systems for both household and commercial purposes. However, they are best when used with city water supplies because, unlike other water filtration systems that use electricity, RO systems rely on water pressure.

Nevertheless, RO systems are considered one of the safest ways of filtering water, as they eliminate odor and impurities with remarkable clarity and result in sweet-tasting water.

If you are looking forward to installing an RO water system, here are some tips to help you buy one for your home.

Easy to Change Filters

Based on the model you opt for, RO water systems can have complex filtration systems across various stages. It uses a variety of pre and post-filters for this purpose and an RO membrane.

Since these filters are used in pressure-based systems and can remove a wide range of impurities like chlorine, bacteria, dirt particles, asbestos, and more, the easy removal and installation of the filters are important to keep the system working seamlessly. Choose a system with easy-to-change filters in case your area has hard water.

Capacity of Water Production

RO filtration systems often have multiple chambers. Some systems work with the pressure of the incoming water, and the purified water is kept in a separate chamber for later use.

In such cases, choose a system that is sufficient to meet your requirements. This will depend on what purposes you intend to use the purified water for. A filter of 100 gallons is more than enough for a family for a day, and an efficient RO system can help you with that.


Suppose you intend to choose a system that filters a large amount of water daily. In that case, choosing a system with features like backflow prevention and automatic shut-off is ideal. This prevents the system from overworking in the event of a system overload and protects your investment.

Though most RO systems currently have this feature, it is still ideal for double-checking with the experts.

Recycling Waste Water

Choose a system with a repurposing system because reverse osmosis systems waste some water in the process of delivering clean water to you. Nowadays, a lot of reverse osmosis systems are made to divert their wastewater to flushing or laundering. That way, you can continue to enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle and prevent water waste.

The wastewater will have all the sediments and impurities removed from your drinking water. However, it can still be used for flushing or other unimportant tasks.

At McCowin Water, Inc., we are proud to provide clean water for households through various filtration methods. Our water filtration and softening appliances use reverse osmosis systems, among others. To make sure the RO system will work in your area, our experts will assist with the installation and test the water pressure. You can get clean drinking water without paying extra for electricity.

Call us today for a quick consultation, and our water experts will guide you on the best filtration system that works for your lifestyle and household

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