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How Often Should You Service Your Water Softener?

Water softeners are a life savior as they help add salt to your softener and assist in cleaning out your brine tank.

Most manufacturers recommend servicing your water softener annually. Here are the top-4 reasons why annual servicing for water softeners is a must:

1. Ensures Regular Cleaning and Upkeep:

Here are the key tasks a qualified water treatment professional undertakes during the annual servicing session. They will:

● Recharge your resins

● Clean the brine tank

● Check for salt bridging in the brine tank, which can affect your softener performance negatively

● Sanitize the system as required to ensure proper working

2. Optimizes Settings Leading to Cost Savings:

Servicing your water softener annually can ensure that your valve settings are optimized accurately and cost-effectively. Depending on your water usage, your water treatment specialist can make adjustments to the valve settings, ensuring that it regenerates more optimally. Furthermore, a softener also reduces detergent and soap usage and ensures that water-using appliances such as heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, etc., work to their best capacity.

3. Helps with Regular Maintenance:

Water softeners--like other appliances--are made up of parts that wear down as time goes by. Without regular servicing, you may not understand which parts may need replacement, servicing, or maintenance. Plus, a no-service policy can lead to system breakdowns, causing unnecessary trouble. Considering that water softeners are an 'investment,' it makes financial and logical sense to maintain it properly. This will not only ensure great water quality but help you to prolong the life of the softener.

4. Drives Quality Water Assessment:

One of the biggest advantages of servicing your water softener by a professional is that they can evaluate the water to gauge whether its constituents have changed (or not) within the past year. This includes looking out for contaminants. Based on the results gathered, the professional can alter the settings, install a prefilter, reconfigure the water treatment system, or take the necessary course of action as needed.

Top-4 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Water Softener

● Always check the salt as frequently as possible--at least once a month. The salt should always be wet and covered in water.

● Make sure to use good quality salt, such as evaporated salt pellets. Avoid using block salts unless your manufacturer states otherwise.

● Spot problems before they arise. For example, if your soap is not lathering properly, it might be time to get your water softener checked out by a professional.

● Other tell-tale signs of hard water include buildup in pipes/sinks, stiff laundry, change in water taste, and unusually-frequent regeneration.

Servicing your water softener every year is a must if you wish to boost your softener's longevity. Are you overdue for your next visit? Get in touch with a water treatment professional like McCowin Water right away and ensure that your water softener is always in tip-top shape.

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