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Do You Have Bad Tasting Water?

Water Filtration & Purification Specialists 

Ensuring that you have clean, uncontaminated water in your home is crucial to maintain your health. At McCowin Water, we specialize in home water filters in Orange County, California that cater to your every need. As experts in water filtration, we offer whole home solutions, and filters that provide unlimited drinking water, as well as a range of maintenance and service options designed to ensure your system is always working perfectly.

Address common well and municipal water problems — like iron, sediment, sulfur, chlorine and more — with targeted filtration that delivers better water wherever you need it. 

Schedule an appointment today and feel the difference of clean water.


Just Because Your Water Is Clear 
Doesn't Mean There's Nothing In It!


Whole-home filtration is placed at the point of entry in your home, ensuring that all water in your home will be treated. This type of filtration can remove hard minerals, chemicals, chlorine, whatever you want your water to be, we have the systems.


We have over 60 different systems available. Whether you want purified water or alkaline, we have many choices for you to choose from. All of our systems and filters are Made in America and are NSF Certified for your safety.

Commercial Filtration

Clean and pure water solutions for child care centers, restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, dog groomers, dry cleaners, day spas, gyms, car washing stations, etc. Also, bottle-less coolers for offices and businesses.


We keep track of your service records and let you know when you are due for periodic services. Whether it's filter changes, salt or potassium delivery or water testing to make sure that your systems are performing at optimum levels, we've got your back!

Filtered Water

Why Choose McCowin Water?

You need a Water Treatment Expert to obtain the quality water you expect in your home. We will provide you a 'No Obligation' consultation, complete with a water test to evaluate your needs. Our experts will recommend customized solutions to treat your water from an advanced line of products not available in stores. After the installation, you will always have someone local to rely on to service your systems for years to come.

What Our Customers Say ...

What my Father always said is that 'As long as we always treat our customers like family, we will be around as long as we want to be.' It's been 51 years so far so we must be doing things right!" Brian McCowin

McCowin water has been wonderful to work with! Brian, in particular is always very responsive, timely and organized. He’s very knowledgable with the products they offer as well as water purity in general. We have a purified water system installed in our kitchen with Insta-hot boiling water which comes in very handy almost everyday! We feel great knowing our family is drinking pure water without wasting plastic bottles or endangering babies/children with the choking hazards of plastic bottle caps. Thanks McCowin water for being a reliable vendor for us!

Lindsay G. Irvine, CA

Trusted Partners 

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